4/15 What makes you happy?

Tina :) said:

Things that make me so happy....
Spending time with my mama and family...watching movies together, spending awesome evenings with my husband, my dogs and cats and guinea pigs and hamsters and fish...really thankful for each and everyone of them. Also, spending time with our feral cat colony. Everyday is a joy to be with them. God is GOOD!

ALL THAT said:

My Cyber Love
Not strikingly appealing, but oh so
alluring. Beckoning for mounds of my time,
And commanding loads of my attention.

Possessing a soft and mellow hum, and a
sweet sophistication. Easily accessible,
And an unrelenting companion. Responsive
and attentive to my very interest, graphically
and boldly keying into my senses.

Sometimes quick, sometimes not, and granted,
not always predictable. Ever-changing and
rearranging, sharing ups and sometimes downs.
Still, unequivocally, simply sends me,
fondly providing the ultimate satisfaction
to my click.

These are great!


Lizzie said...

That's awesome!

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