Cotton Candy

So, I was digging through my cabinet searching for something to eat when I found an unopened container of cotton candy we randomly bought while on vacation in Disney World last July. I was about to toss it but curisoity took over and I wanted to see when it expired. Guess what? It doesn't expire until the end of June 2009. Score! So yes, I just ate almost year old cotton candy and it was amazing. I've decided my new goal is to make cotton candy one day.


geo said...

Ha! Ha! This so sounds like something I would do. In desperation I sometimes gnaw on bitter Baker's chocolate.

Your blog is so bright and happy-making. Thanks for visiting mine, so that I discovered yours!

Georganna @ A Writer's Edge

LLnL said...

Making cotton candy is fun. We had a machine when I was a kid and I loved it. Still even though I was young knowing the only ingredient was sugar keep cautious. I recently had cotton candy this months, first time in YEARS and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Nice Blog!

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