06/06 What makes you Happy?

Rupert says:
Watching a good classic movie on a rainy day (actually on any day!) ;)

Lucy says:
Recycling makes me happy!!

EddieSki recommended this site:
Happynews.com - Real news. Compelling stories. Always positive.


Yanic said...

Having one cat snuggling against my belly and one cat snuggling behind my knees while I'm napping on a rainy saturday afternoon...

C.J. Keller, said...

As much as I love working in my summer garden, a rainy day that provides an excuse to stay inside and nap makes me happy today. (Rainy dark days also subdue my 3 year old and he's more content to play quietly-- an added bonus.)
Love your site. I found it once and then lost it. Drat. Glad to find it again today. I write posts that focus on the simple pleasures and positives of the every day. I like to provide lots of links to other sites. I will have to include your blog address in a future post at http://myhouseinthevillage.blogspot.com/

Lauren the Writer said...

Writing, waking up early, love.

Your blog's layout is awesome. It's like getting hit in the face with happiness.

Nothing Profound said...

Sunshine. Leisure. Walking and looking at things. Being alive.

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