Free Hugs Campaign

I thought this was incredibly sweet. I love seeing the smiles on some of these people's faces during their hug. It is a nice way to spread universal love to strangers.

Official Home of the Free Hugs Campaign


KellieS said...


That video brought tears (happy ones)to my eyes. Great pick me up for a day that started in the crapper with a headache. Thanks for stopping by Womens Life Link. You brought a smile to my face today! Be well.


KellieS said...

I blogged about you today.

Chelsea said...

Hey, thanks for showing interest in my blog and becoming a follower! Much appriciated i hope you enjoy :)



April said...

This video had me smiling all the way through! What the world needs now is MORE HUGS!! I enjoyed your post very much - it made my day! Thanks Christy. Hugs, April

Lindsay said...

I love this!

Adina Maiorescu said...

It's so touchy, I love it!

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