Sometimes it pays to be old

Rebecca sent in this joke:
No-one believes seniors.... everyone thinks they are senile.
An Elderly couple was celebrating their sixtieth anniversary. The couple had married as childhood sweethearts and had moved back to their old neighborhood after they retired.
Holding hands they walked back to their old school.
It was not locked, so they entered, and found the old desk they'd shared, where Andy had carved 'I love you, Sally.'

On their way back home, a bag of money fell out of an armored car, practically landing at their feet Sally quickly picked it up, but not sure what to do with it, they took it home. There, she counted the money -- fifty thousand dollars.

Andy said, 'We've got to give it back.'
Sally said, 'Finders keepers.' She put the money back in the bag and hid it in their attic.
The next day, two police men were canvassing the neighborhood looking for the money, and knocked on the door.

'Pardon me, but did either of you find a bag that fell out of an armored car yesterday?'

Sally said, 'No.'
Andy said, 'She's lying. She hid it up in the attic.'
Sally said, 'Don't believe him, he's getting senile.'
The police turn to Andy and began to question him.
One says: 'Tell us the story from the beginning'
Andy said, 'Well, when Sally and I were walking home from school yesterday . . '

The first policeman turns to his partner and says, 'We're outta here.'


Kellie said...

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The Guy's Perspective said...

Funny! I like your site. Nice design, fun content. It just has a nice feel to it. I think that was your intent. Keep it up!

Bring Back Pluto

Timesobserver said...

Sadly, it's been awhile since I last heard a really funny clean joke.

Thanks for the laugh.

Nodami said...

Can't wait to be old!!!!

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