1/27 What Makes You Happy?

Carlos says:
Watching football makes me happy. Can't wait for Superbowl Sunday! Will be having a party with all my friends.  Plus, it's the only day my wife will watch it with me!
Windee says:
When I was a kid, water balloon fights always made me happy.


greenlants said...

The fact that I live in a country where I can have food, shelter, and luxuries without worrying about everything on a daily basis makes me happy (and blessed).

Michael Mesa Miami said...

I love the fact that i can travel and get to know people from across the globe. This is what makes me happy. And I also agree with the other commentor, the fact I am gifted to have food,shelter and other things that many take for granted. Great question.

social network designer said...

A life without tensions and problems makes me really happy. I am really hating life due to these reasons.

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