Everyday is a good day for CAKE!

Every once in a while, I just want cake. Yummy, moist, diet-wreakingly-awesome cake. Well, in my quest for finding the perfect recipe, I turned to good ol' Martha Stewart for delicious classic cakes. The article has recipes for several yummy cakes, including a No-Bake Birthday Cake, Moist Devil's Food Cake, Caramel Cake, Lemon Meringue Cake, Chocolate Cake with Coconut-Pecan Frosting and last but not least - Carrot Cake.

Speaking of carrot cake, it brings to mind the baby riding the carrot from the amazingly amusing blog, Cake Wreaks. As the name suggests, people submit pictures of professionally made cakes gone hilariously  wrong. The people take makes the cakes are certainly....talented (Creative? Crazy?). It never fails to make me laugh.


greenlants said...

OMG why would you put pictures and article about delicious cake, now I'm hungry! :P But seriously I love cake, we have this Italian restaurant I order from about once a week and they have cheesecake, chocolate cake, and carrot cake. I like to switch it up each time I order because all of them are yummy. (They also have baklava, but this is a post about cake, not sweets in general). Hooray for cake! lol

Katrina kaif wallpapers said...

Aah I love cakes.
In fact my girlfriend likes cake more than me.
We will have one (Blackforest) when we meet next time.

Thanx for the idea for my next date ;)

Ice hockey gloves said...

You said right that for making the any occasion or celebrate anything , cake is a nice thing. Thanks for this recipe link.

mercedes games said...

I wish i could eat cake each and every single day, but i cannot think about my belly after i month of cake-eating. :)

allungare il pene said...

seems like a really sweet delicious! What a temptation! I'm on a diet!

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