What Makes You Happy Collective Video

We will be working on a collective media project starring...you!

What it is -
We will be creating a collective video of what makes people happy.

What to do-
Send in a video of yourself telling us what makes you happy. Can't send in a video? That's perfectly okay, just tell us in text form and we will still incorporate it.

Guidelines - Please read carefully:
To submit a video, you must agree to the guidelines:
  • Everything must be original content, no copy written content will be accepted.
  • Anything submitted must be made specificly for the happiness collection project.
  • Must be over 18 to send anything in.
  • Remember, keep it clean. Obviously, no nudity, obscenity, offensive language, ect.
  • No logos on clothing, please.
  • We will use at our sole discretion which videos will be included.
  • Keep in mind that anything that you send in may be included in the What Makes You Happy Collective Project and will be seen by the public.
  • By submitting any content you agree that A Bit of Happy will be able to include it in the project.
  • Must include in email that you agree with these terms.

Got it? To participate:
If sending a video: File size must be under 20 MB and under 5 minute long:
What to say in video? Simple. Say what makes you happy
If you do not have a video, just tell us what makes you happy.
Include your name if you would like to be credited.

Let's make this video! Stay tuned for more information.