Mission Smile :) Happy Watermelon

Mmm, when I think of summer, I think of watermelon.  funny food photos - Heeey Buddy!
Now, I think of watermelon that smiles at me! Yay!
See more over at My Food Looks Funny


B said...

hahaha! How cute is that! :) Thanks for like the millionth smile you've put on my face! :)

Linda said...

Good morning to the happy watermelon....with such a happy face, who could eat it. Made me smile first thing this morning.
Thank you for your comment on My Mad Tea Party.

Shop Girl* said...

That just made my day! haha! And now I'm craving watermelon like no other. *sigh*

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Loving the new look here! You always find the most unique ways to share a smile. Thanks!

Christy said...

Thanks! :D

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