Last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Send a Slideshow!

Today's Feature: Smilebox
Smilebox has lots to do! They have a Christmas section where you make make custom free digital greetings, invitations, slideshows, photo albums, scrapbooks and recipes. Oh, and did I mention it's free? Yay! It's a nice little thing you can send to friends and relatives over the Holidays. Also, if you want to go a step above, there is an upgraded paid version with even more features.

Create amazing digital scrapbooks

Smilebox is one of our loved sponsors.


Windee said...

I LOVE Smilebox!

Renee Ann said...

What a great blog! Can't wait to read through it!

Belle said...

Smilebox is awesome. I always use it to send stuff to people for the holidays since I can never find time to send actually Christmas cards.

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