What Makes Me Happy

Margo Says:

So many little things make me smile, are you the same? I am happy when I find a close parking spot to the store entrance on a rainy day. I am even happier when I decide to leave that close spot for someone who may need it more.

Wearing red cheers me up immeasurably – it just makes me feel brighter and better right away. Putting on my favorite pair of pants gives me a smile of satisfaction too. There’s just nothing better than that pair that fits just right.

Nature carries a bit of the sublime and being part of it gives me deep happiness. Watching the sunrise – or the sunset – brings beauty and peace to my soul. Seeing a field or plot of flowers makes me smile – I think it is all the happy riot of colors.

Babies make me smile - maybe it is those rosy chubby cheeks. Even better is to see a loving father with his children as they fly a kite or play in the park or ride a bike. Children really are our promise for a better world, and that makes me smile.

Music makes me smile indeed. Isn’t it just wonderful to hear your favorite song? Don’t you just breathe a sigh of contentment clear down through your toes as you listen? I do. Berthold Auerbach said it well, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

One thing that always has the power to bring a smile to my face is a good book. Curling up in a comfy chair and entering the world of a well-loved author is a sure fire ticket to helping me be happy. Books and the printed word open the world up wide so I can drink it in.

So here is to finding your bliss in life, or, more importantly, creating it out of those simple moments. May we all see those tiny moments that bring a smile to our faces and appreciate what we have. I know I am happiest when I choose to be happy and put a smile on my face before I even have a reason to smile.

About the Author
Margo Smith is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She enjoys writing about a variety of subjects from cloning to online classes to making the most of life. She draws from her own education, her years in college and an author’s perspective on life when compiling articles.


Melissa said...

I love all of these! Great post! :)

JMay said...

Some of those things make me happy too! Great blog you have here...such a positive atmosphere :-)


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