The Five Best Parts of Happy Hour

By Kelly Wilson
At one of my previous jobs, the highlight of the week was when my coworkers and I would see the words “Library Meeting” – along with the date, time and place – written in the break room.

This “Library Meeting” had nothing at all to do with books, nor did it take place in an actual library. It was our code to meet up for Happy Hour! I have always – and continue to – enjoy regular Happy Hour outings for a variety of reasons.

Let Off Steam

One of the best parts of Happy Hour is the chance to get together with coworkers and kick back with a refreshing beverage. This is the time where my colleagues and I rehash difficult situations, share stressful interactions, and catch up on office gossip. There’s also no shortage of laughter, as we compare our experiences regarding the inevitable ridiculous events that go on around the office. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of stress.

A Place to Meet

Happy Hour usually takes place in a bar attached to a restaurant, which sets a relaxing tone. “Everyone likes to feel welcome,” says Brian Johnson, one of the owners and operators of B.J. Willy’s, a restaurant in West Linn, Oregon, central to local happy hour patrons. “Happy Hour is a more intimate setting for people to meet versus sitting in the larger restaurant.” It’s this casual atmosphere that I appreciate about Happy Hour.

Watch the Game

Sometimes a living room isn’t the best place to watch the big game. Many bars that offer Happy Hour are outfitted with large screen high-definition televisions with a variety of sports channels. Getting together with people who are rooting for your team is a great way to share in the experience regardless of the game’s outcome.

Drink Specials

Is there a drink you’ve always wanted to try? Happy Hour is the best place to take that chance! Many times, restaurants and bars offer drink specials on beer, wine and even mixed drinks during Happy Hour. These reduced prices also make it possible for you to try something new and order your favorite drink without breaking your budget.

Cheap Eats

The best part of Happy Hour has to be the food. The portions are smaller and a more realistic part of a calorie-conscious diet. The menu is more limited, but the prices are greatly reduced, making for a cheap dinner!

Usually there’s a drink minimum in order to get the great food prices, and if you’re not interested in drinking alcohol a soda will usually fit the requirement. Even with a drink order, you’ll get good food at great prices.

Kelly Wilson is a busy mom and freelance writer who enjoys local Happy Hours in places like B.J. Willy’s, a bar in West Linn, Oregon.

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