How to make your Girl Happy on Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is probably one of the special days in a year that automatically needs to be celebrated. Love should be felt in the air – it is the perfect season when lovers can show their affection to one another in a way that’s beyond the usual. And there’s no better way to be more romantic than to give our special one a remembrance of the special day, right?  

The concept of giving gifts on Valentine’s may sound easy; finding the perfect gift for our love ones is the hard part. But to have an idea of the most appropriate gifts we can give our partners this season, here are a few ideas to consider when looking for the perfect gift for a woman: 

Girl You’re Dating 
      Women are by nature easy to sweep off their feet. It would be okay to assume that anything can make them happy. One thing guys should consider though is the fact that girls would only be happy with ‘anything’ IF she’s into the guy too. Generally, women are easy to please. But don’t give her corals that you picked up from the seashore if you’re still in the courting stage and still unsure of how she feels for you. It’s either she’ll throw it away when you’re not looking or she’ll forever remember you as a cheapskate. Generally, men would think giving cute things like stuffed toys to girls during the first stages of the relationship is not a problem – wrong. Unless the girls you’re courting are as young as your baby sisters, stuffed toys would be sweet. But for women who are mature enough to buy themselves a car and pay their own rent, guys might need to exert a little creativity (or funds) in giving gifts.   

      Flowers and sweets like candies and chocolates are still very much appreciated. In fact, these things are advisable because it should remind them of the time when you’re still courting. But this time, the price won’t matter you can give her flowers that you personally picked from your mom’s garden or a variety of wholesale candy. But don’t just give them generic-looking candies. Of course men should still need to exert a little effort in finding the sweets that would best signify the occasion. There are candies that are usually made especially for V-day – these candies, usually red and heart-shaped, come in special packages. Giving them sweets that went straight out from the stores could mean they’ve become less special than they did back when they’re still being courted. Yes, girls can be that emotional.
      For some men, their wives are probably the hardest people to gift primarily because they think they’ve already given everything to them. But this type of reasoning should be left to those who want to be corny on Valentine’s.  

Wives could be the hardest people to give a gift too, yet they’re supposed to be the easiest. Men usually have a hard time because they only think of what else they haven’t given their wives. And more often than not, giving their wives one simple thing – which is their time – doesn’t cross their mind. Quality time can be done from a simple walk in the park or an extravagant romantic getaway in the Caribbean. For married couples, expensive material things should no longer matter. It’s each other’s company that’s valuable.  

There is no better gift couples can give each other but a time to reconnect and rekindle their love for each other. Some men might have given their wives all the luxury there is, but still, there’s no better way to make a woman feel special that to remind her that she is the only thing that matters.  
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