Top 10 Attractions For Kids In Australia!

We all know that Australia is the adventurer and the nature lover’s destination. Every year, millions of tourists visit Australia to experience its unique offerings. But what about kids? Are all the adventures safe for kids? Will your kids enjoy miles of trekking in the outback? We understand your concern; here are 10 great attractions for your kids in Australia.
  1. Take Them Kangaroo Spotting
Kids love kangaroos; what better way to keep them entertained than to take them on a kangaroo spotting tour? Special kangaroo spotting trips are arranged by the Australian Tourism Department for people who don’t want to physically explore the outback. Watching these adorable creatures hopping and carrying their young will make your child’s day!
  1. Kids Enjoy Zoos and Aquariums
The National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra has an exciting “Predators of the Deep” exhibit featuring different varieties of shark. This is a wonderful place for your kids to learn about these magnificent creatures, safely from behind glass windows. This zoo always has several typical Australian animals such as the kangaroo and the koala bear in bushland settings. There are the big cats, bears and African waterhole animals to round off the trip.
  1. Go Ferry Riding On Oceanworld Manly
If you’re in Sydney, take a ferry or jetcat ride from Circular Quay to Oceanworld. Your kids will love watching sharks, turtles, shoals of multicolored fish and stingrays in the giant oceanarium. It’s safe to get them up close to baby crocodiles, venomous snakes, a variety of lizards and other dangerous reptiles at the reptile show.
  1. Ferry On The Sydney Harbor
Take your kids on a ferry on Sydney Harbor and let them enjoy the sights. Take the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly; stroll the golden beaches, visit the Oceanworld aquarium, eat at the lovely coffee shops and make a day out of it. Beautiful Sydney will keep your kids enthralled; you can even take a bus to North Head and show them the best Sydney coastal views.
  1. Enjoy The Sydney Aquarium and Darling Harbor
Did you know that in the Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbor, you could view sharks, multi-colored fish and stingrays via the underwater viewing tunnels? You can even watch seals swimming underneath you in the seal enclosure! While at the Darling Harbor, be sure to enjoy the IMAX theatre, the National Maritime Museum and the Chinese Gardens.
  1. Take A Wildlife Tour!
Safe wildlife tours are available to take you into the 10 acres of lush rainforest near Sydney. Beautiful, fragrant eucalyptus trees and other native trees perfume the air. Your kids will go crazy watching animals such as red & grey kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, echidnas, wombats, wallabies species, Australian native birds and emus in their natural habitats.
  1. Visit The Sydney Powerhouse Museum
This great hands-on, family-friendly technology and culture museum has many exhibits the kids will enjoy. Added to this are the recorded music and voice effects that are cleverly integrated with the exhibits. Your kids just have to touch an exhibit and a voice will tell them what all about it. Your kids will also enjoy the specially designed KidSpace areas.
  1. Watch The Penguin Parade In Melbourne
Give your kids a very special experience. Take them to Phillip Island and watch as they cavort among the fairy penguins. The penguin parade begins at dusk, on the beach, when they waddle to their burrows in the dunes. This is a remarkable sight and will form a lifetime memory for your kids.
  1. Enjoy Farm Life For A Day!
Take your kids to the Fairfield City Farm in Sydney, to give them a chance to experience different kinds of farm animals, along with native and exotic species. If your kids are regular city bred, they will love to watch animals being sheared, milked and managed here. They can also see giant horses, go on tractor rides and watch stockwhip demonstrations. It’s the closest city kids can come to real farm life.
  1. Walk Through Fitzroy Gardens In Melbourne
Fitzroy Gardens is a child’s delight. Here, your kids can see a model Tudor village, and the much-touted carved trunk of the Fairy Tree. If your kids are young enough to believe in fairy tales, Fitzroy Gardens is the place where they all took place. There’s Captain Cook`s cottage which used to house his parents, transported here all the way from Yorkshire in 1934. This delightful parkland area is also home to many of Australia’s native animals.
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