Good Doggies

We've had terrible storms all week, and our big yellow lab, Max, and his little buddy Madison (our daughter's bichon/cockapoo mix, aka Q-tip)have been a little extra cuddly. That doesn't bother me because I'm a big chicken, too.

I let them out in the backyard (we have a deck with a gate, and part of the yard on the other side is fenced) and next thing I know, I see Max walking across the front yard. Apparently, the deck gate got blown open from all the wind. Max comes when he's called-- but Madison is great at ignoring us, and really fast for such a little thing. She was nowhere to be seen. So, I got a squeaky toy, some treats, and the car keys and was heading for the driveway so I could go track her down-- but as soon as I got to the front door, she was waiting for me! I know it does not seem like much, but it's wonderful to not have to go search and stress out over. That is why moment of happy for today. Now, if the sun would just come out to stay!
Today's Moment of Happiness sent in by Denise from Write and Get Paid


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