The Joy of Ducks!

"I've had a pretty nice few days of recent all because of the often overlooked joys of watching ducks be themselves! It all started a week ago when out of the skies came two unmistakeable objects. Usually they fly over but on this given day they decided to land in our neighbors rather sizable pond. From my vantage point I was able to watch them all day going about their ducky business as they preened and bobbed, ducked and dived before settling on the side of the pond with their heads burred in their backs for a lot afternoon snooze.

I thought it was going to be a one off but since then they've been back regular as clock work for mid morning swim and doze before flying off for lunch and then returning around 5pm and settling in for the night. I have no idea why they make me so happy but they do. There's something about watching them waddle I suppose. That and the quacking.
Whatever it is they have made this writers week very enjoyable and I look forward to more adventures from the comedy double act."
What Makes You Happy? || Submitted By Grace