Happy and Healthy Meals and Snacks

Even though I admit food makes me very happy, I’ve been cutting back on the sweets and implementing more meals with vital nutrients and protein. Lately I’ve been thinking of ways that food can still be delicious yet healthy. With a world of people who are unfortunately becoming obese due to detrimental food habits, I’m trying to create new habits while still staying happy eating my favorite foods. 

Instead of Burgers go for a Turkey Burger or Lean Beef

Even though burgers are rather delicious, there’s still a way to prepare and eat a good burger without packing on the mayo, mustard, or whatever additional toppings are added to the burner, but in reality aren’t needed. First of all I’m going to eat a burger that’s made out of lean beef or opt instead for a turkey burger. That way I’ll still be happy while eating my burger but now I’ll be healthy too! Another simple way to cut back on the calories with a burger is using light mayo as opposed to real mayo and skipping the bacon, because too much bacon has too much fat.

Healthy and Yummy Snacks

In order to keep my body healthy I’m also going to start eating healthier snacks. As opposed to eating the 100 calorie snack packs with cookies and other goodies, I’m going to switch to small servings of nuts and popcorn. Veggies dipped in a low fat ranch or apples dipped in a low fat caramel dip are also considered a healthy snack. Even though, I might want to consider skipping the caramel even though it sounds rather tempting.

Grilled Chicken Makes Me Happy

A simple meal that’s also packed full of protein is chicken, which I plan on using to make so many good meals! Chicken can be used in tacos, soup, or prepared grilled. It’s a meal that I love and plan on incorporating into my diet regularly. Chicken definitely makes me happy because not only is it healthy, but it tastes good too.

So thankfully there are ways to eat food that’s healthy while still staying happy. Of course occasionally I’ll still eat my favorite desserts after a hard week of working out, i.e. chocolate covered gummy bears and delicious frozen yogurt. But just for now I think I’ll keep my body happy by giving it the food it needs and in return I’ll be a happier person too.

Sierra is currently on healthy and happy fitness quest. When she has an occasional splurge meal she likes to check out lasagna recipes.