We're Back!

A Bit of Happy is back with a new location- abitofhappy.ORG! If you have never been here...welcome! Here is a rundown about who we are:

 A Bit of Happy was created as an escape from all the negativity. Here at A Bit of Happy.org, we strive to bring our readers enjoyment in the purest by collecting happy thoughts. We want you to laugh, we want you to inspire others, we want you to share with the world your happiness. 
Smiles are contagious, after all.
Ultimately, this site is made possible by you submitting what makes you happy, no matter how silly it may seem. So head on over to the submission page and let the world know what makes you happy.We post happy articles, pictures, videos, games & other cool stuff for you to enjoy. So make sure to subscribe to our news feed and comeback often!

We look forward to bringing more smiles to your faces!