As Ms. Crow would say.. It cant be that bad.

Liv Says:

Hi.. My name is Liv and I am stopping by from Simply Sunshine and Daisy's my home blog to tell you guys a little bit about what makes me happy...

I believe happiness comes in all shapes in forms and nothing is too silly or too wild to make you happy...

Things that make me happy are the small things in life and to others they could be just plain ridiculous but that is ok by me! I get happy by the sound of my little sister laughing at just about anything; she is a silly preteen with dreams of becoming the next Miranda Cosgrove and her ambitions make me proud and that pride makes me happy. Flowers that I get every Friday from my Mr is something that puts a huge smile on my face because no matter what by Friday I have lost track of what day it is and Im not expecting them! The blogging community and all of my lovely new friends make me so very happy with their love, devotion and encouragement of my everyday life without them even really knowing me! My success in life thus far makes me happy because with this happiness I can be happy for a long time and make others happy. My faith in the Lord makes me happy for I know that I make him happy!
As you see my list could probably go on and on and on but I will not put you people through any more of that...
What makes you happy?
Is it silly?
Are you thankful for it? This being the month of gratefulness maybe you should take the time to count your happy blessings; I bet you have more then you think!

Thank you so much A Bit of Happy for allowing me this wonderful chance to write this post!

Signing out!

Liv Kit


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

great guest post Liv! I love to read happy things and what makes other happy!!

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