My Happiness Comes From the Fall of the Hammer.

Two-Part Ring ©2010 WTEK sterling silver, peridot
Wendy Says: 

My happiness comes from the fall of the hammer. The sound it makes as it strikes metal, the way I can shape things with it. My happiness comes from taking a blank sheet of metal and forming it into something new and beautiful.

I love to take pieces of forms I’ve made and put them together in different ways, to see which one calls out the strongest to me. Designing a piece of jewelry around a particular gemstone or seeing which way the metal wants to move today – these are things which make me happy.

The Zen meditation I get from slowly planishing a bowl into shape, the satisfaction I get when I see a piece completed, the joy I feel when someone else wants my work because it speaks to them. These are all the reasons that I’m a jewelry artist and metalsmith. This is what brings happiness to my life.

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin is a jewelry artist and metalsmith living and working out of her home in Elizabethtown, PA. When she isn't in the studio pounding away at metal, you can usually find her online at her blog, her website, or on Twitter as @wtek.


Windee said...

Awesome, awesome ring! This is really cool.

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