Saving The Environment By Recycling My Mobile Made Me Happy.

Atul says:
I like doing my bit for the environment & caring for the planet.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. I love changing my handsets and all my older handsets were either kept in the drawer or cupboards. But, this should not be done. Mobile phones are electronic devices consisting of various hazardous substances which should be disposed of in well manner.

Then I heard about this recycling site which helps us in disposing our old mobiles. So I decided, instead of keeping my old mobiles in drawers and cupboards, I would sell them for cash to a recycling company.

And it can also benefit the environment from harmful substances. Recycling of mobile phones makes good sense, since the dumping of mobile handsets into a land fill harms the environment. By recycling my old mobile phones, I felt proud and happy that I helped to make a positive difference to the planet. The options of recycling also includes donating older handsets to charity organizations.


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