What Are You Thankful For?

Noel is thankful for:
I am thankful for the little moments of astonishment in my life that surprise me. When you are a kid you are constantly in a state of amazement. Everywhere you look you see crazy things and the world is a mystery but as you get older the sensation of being amazed comes less and less often. I love to be stunned into silence by a little flash of everyday life. Being fooled is only a negative if you personally loose out but it can be fun to not know the answer to something...mystery can be a wonderful thing to experience. These days people want instant answers, how to guides, information is everywhere with YouTube and Google but sometimes it’s fun to leave it up to your imagination and not immediately go looking for the answers. My job is working as a magician so I get t! o know a lot of secrets and I’m a bit of a cynical sceptic. As a magician I’m taught to doubt everything and always look for the concealed deceit so when something happens that I just can’t explain I’m delighted. Obviously i love if I watch a magic trick and I don’t know how it’s done but I find things in real life that astonish me as well. Savour every moment of surprise and astonishment in your life.
Author Bio
Noel Qualter is a wedding magician in the UK who loves to amaze people.


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