Are you Grateful You Are a Multi-millionaire?

Kathy is thankful for: 
I am thankful I am a multi- millionaire and you should be as well. What? You are not a multi-millionaire? I doubt that. You probably just have not counted your blessings lately. Stop and think what you have that you would NOT give up for even a $1,000,000.00. Would you give up your sight for a couple million dollars? Exchange the ability to walk or drive for another million? Would you sacrifice two arms or offer up your ability to communicate for several million more?

Yes, just as I realized, you also are a multi-millionaire! Any rate of exchange to give up walking, or feeding ourselves, being able to converse with our loved ones or even see our friends faces again, becomes non negotiable for most of us. And yet, we tend to take those riches for granted. Often we are more concerned about the certificates or stocks we own in our personal portfolio and what losing the value of those might mean without realizing we have something far more priceless that no amount of income can replace.

Take a moment to be grateful for the riches you are blessed with today. If you can read this, enjoy a conversation with a friend, take a walk or even if you are able to just enjoy a life well blessed because you are in good health then offer a praise to God for your rewards on earth and be less anxious about your other treasures. Your real valuables are gifts which do not depend on market volatility. Next time you feel that you are not getting ahead as quickly financially as you would like to, stop and be grateful for the priceless gifts you already have.

Some people have to work all of their lives for a few million but a good and gracious God allowed you to have them lavishly.


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