Is there love in my future? How do I know?

Valentine’s Day is coming right up. Will you be spending another one alone?

Dating can turn into hard work, and there are times when finding one more new person to go out with may not be the answer. Could it be that you have lost your faith in love altogether? If so, one more date with the wrong “Mr. Right” is no solution.

Wouldn’t it feel great to renew your faith in love? Would you like to learn some new techniques to help you forgive yourself for past mistakes, and then change your perspective on the kind of love you wish to find now?

Most of us start out believing that love can transform our lonely existence into something better. When that doesn’t work out as hoped for or planned, do we dare dream again?

I say YES! Let’s face it, we have all had our share of disappointing and disillusioning relationships. We’ve all been traumatized by love. Our faith can run pretty thin at times. How do we get past early disillusioning experiences that stand solidly in our path to ever believing in love again?

I battled this demon five years ago, and I won this time! Now I wish to share all that I have learned with you. My new book How to Believe in Love Again is a simple labor of love where I help others who fear they will never experience the joy and intimacy of true love again. This is my valentine to unhappy singles everywhere.

Gather a deeper understanding of why you might unconsciously fear love, and then search out those experiences in your past that keep you feeling stuck. Spend some time learning about your own unique shame and trust issues, and then learn how to forgive yourself for past mistakes. Learn new ways to listen to your powerfully intuitive inner wisdom. And then change your beliefs about what love might have to offer you now.

You have grown and changed so much through the years, perhaps it’s time to update your perspective on love. Don’t feel desperate, feel empowered in your search, and then go out and get the love you deserve this time!
Laura Lee Carter, known as the Midlife Crisis Queen online, worked as a research librarian before transitioning into her work as a writer, love coach and speaker.  She holds three M.A. degrees including one in counseling psychology with a specialty in life change solutions.
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