Finding Joy in the Little Moments

Sometimes, when I find myself getting caught up in complaining, not feeling grateful for what I have, or wishing I was having a better day, I have to take a deep breath, pause, and be still. For you see – I have much to be thankful for. The little things in life are what make a complete life, a life full of love, joy, and contentment. No, not everything is rosy every single day. But you can take what you want out of each day, and you can choose to remember the happy moments as opposed to the sad ones. Here are just a few small moments that I like to dwell on whenever I find myself getting in a funk or a bad mood. 

Tikko, My Aunt and Uncle’s Maltese Pup 

As I snuggle up on the sofa with my puppy (I like to call him mine even though he belongs to my aunt and uncle,) I feel so thankful that I get to be close to a puppy that gives so much love on a daily basis. Tikko (means friend in Hawaiian,) is the sweetest dog that wants nothing in the world but to love you and give you doggie kisses. This little joy brings a big smile to my face even if I’m not in AZ to spend time with this little guy. 

Reading a Good Book on a Sunny Afternoon 

Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting out in the sunshine and reading a great book. Books themselves bring me into a far off land, one where I can temporarily escape this life and find a new one for an hour or two. Plus, the sunshine is an instant mood booster. It makes me feel content and at peace. When I’m working and I need something to look forward to, I look forward to reading an amazing read and basking in the sunshine. 

Giving and Receiving a Hug From a Loved One 

What about giving or receiving a hug from a loved one? Even better is snuggling of course. I love to snuggle with my boyfriend, watch a great movie, and let the cares of the day drift away. Plus it brings you closer to your loved one because this is a safe place where you can relax and feel happy.  

So as you can see, when the bad days appear, they really aren’t that bad. Put things into consideration, and realize that it’s the little things in life that cheer you up. Stop focusing on grand gestures and false expectations in life that disappoint. Instead be happy with the small moments, when joy finds its way back home into your heart.  
Bio: Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger. She loves to read on her sofas at home and soak up some sunshine. Catch up on her latest happenings on her Ocean Dreams blog.