How to achieve Happiness in 6 Simple Steps!

Author: Jackson Tan
Pursuit of Happiness is a process and may not be as easy as ABCs, but it can to as simple as just following 6 simple steps.

Step One

Firstly, determine your priority in life. If you want to be happy, happiness should be the ultimate goal in your life. Always bear in mind that you truly want to be happy. Also, figure out what is important to you in life. It may be your family, friends, careers or even achieving your childhood dream.

Step Two

Think about stuffs that make you happy. Focus on things that make you feel good and think back to figure out what made you feel happy? Remember the place and time and also the exact good feelings.

Step Three

Be optimistic. Focus on what is positive about your life and everything around you. Stop worrying and do not think about things that went wrong and ask why they happened. Instead, remind yourself it was a good learning lesson and moved forward.

Step Four

Allocate a time slot to do things that you enjoy. Spend time with what is important in your life. Enjoying your favorite activities let your mind and heart have the time to relax and recover. Make your time worthwhile and you will be happier.

Step Five

Smile to yourself every now and then. Smile to the people around you. Smiling helps to lighten one's mood and also when you are smiling, it is almost impossible to feel upset or angry. A simple smile can bring you closer to your happiness.

Step Six

Life is not as bad as it seems. Do not take things for granted. Learn to appreciate things that are working out well in your life. Thanks your family, your friends and even yourself for putting in effort in living a happy life.

Occupation: Student
Jackson Tan is an University student who wants to promote and spreads the word of HAPPINESS to the whole world. He believes that everyone can be Happy as long as they choose to.
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